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Potential, made real

Whether it's resolving the best possible starting point, writing the strategy or organising the team around implementation, we work with and for you to get to the ideal outcome.


We do that in a few different ways.

Advisory, Consulting, Training  The form of facilitation is different - the focus, actions and results weave together for the same ideal outcome; potential, made real. 

Business Meeting


Just-in-time advice when you need it

Whether you’re starting from the beginning or building a new initiative, finding the best possible starting point for your unique situation is nearly 80% of the journey. Getting you into meaningful action is the other 20%.


Our Advisory programmes exist to get you the counsel you require, when you need it, saving you time and money by focusing your efforts on work that will drive real change and the direction that realizes the ideal outcomes. From 3 hours to 12 months; for just you, or for you and your colleagues. This can be ideal for firms that have an in-house team to do the day-to-day but could benefit from expert advice before, during or after a new programme of worky. 


End-to-end support for your project

Working collaboratively with you, we will resolve the best possible starting point to support you throughout your strategy development, strategy review, new programme development or whatever initiative you need support on.  Our practical, partnership approach supports you to identify where you are now, where you need to be and how you will get there. , the 3-year vision, the 12-month targets, 6-months evidence we are on track before we resolve what we have now, what gaps we need to close before we define the next 90-days of high-value actions. 


Consulting programmes vary in duration from 4 weeks to 24-Months. This is ideal for firms who want strategy and implementation done for them and with them.

Business Meeting
Work Presentation


Bespoke learning for your organisation

Varied experience resolving D&I solutions for FS firms all over the world has provided great insight into how to identify training needs before we design, build and deliver that training to evolve your firm’s position on D&I subject matter that is commercially viable. 


Training programmes cover include:

Inclusive Workplaces, Leadership development, Inclusive Leadership, Developing diversity & inclusion, D&I champions and Developing your Employee Network Leads, Unconscious bias.

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